Trine 3 - the third game of the Trine series by Frozenbyte!

Trine 3 – the third game of the Trine series by Frozenbyte!

Anyone who has played the previous Trine games knows the Frozenbyte knows how to make a solid platformer/puzzler, and Trine 3 is shaping up to be no exception. Trine 3 is taking one major step from its previous iterations – it is going full 3D. And no, I’m not talking about its graphics; movement and adventure in this game is now side-scrollingish with full 3D movement playing a big roll. 3D movement and platformers have a bad history together, with rare exceptions such as Mario 64, the two typically don’t mix well. Trine 3 decided to tell that trend to suck its beautifully detailed cock.

And what a beautiful cock it is. The Trine series has always been visually appealing, and Trine 3 is taking it a step further. The special effects and sheer amount of lush detail in the game is amazing, it really breathes life into the world as you run around solving puzzles and fighting enemies. Not only is it keeping true to the visual appeal, but the sound effects, music and narrator are all back putting on an amazing show for one Hell of a sequel.

Trine 3 3D movement!

Oh my, so gorgeous, and with an extra dimension to boot!

Trine 3 keeps to the same formula as its predecessors: make it through a series of puzzles, obstacles and enemies using three characters that can be swapped between at will. If one character dies, you still got the other(s) to keep going until you can revive the fallen characters at a checkpoint. The three characters are Pontius the knight, Zoya the thief and Amadeus the wizard. Each character brings unique skills to the game for progressing through the game’s various puzzles and obstacles, and with enough creativity, just about any challenge can be completed with any character.

Pontius is a beer-bellied heck of a man who fancies himself a knight. Pontius’ most notable addition to the trio is his shield – using the shield he can block attacks and projectiles, and even use it to float in a Mary Poppins fashion. On top of his shield, Pontius isn’t too shabby with his sword, and swords aren’t too shabby at stabbing enemies, if you get the point. Huehuehue. Bad puns aside, he’s one of the better characters for combat situations.

Trine 3 Pontius Gliding


Zoya is a nimble thief who is quite handy with a bow and grappling hook. The bow, while good for dealing with enemies both near and far, is also great at triggering switches or nudging a distant object off a ledge. Zoya’s grappling hook is also an amazing tool, allowing her to swing from loop to loop, or solve various puzzles by dragging objects around. On top of all this puzzle solving ability, Zoya is quite the platformer character. She is great for jumping off walls an indefinite amount of times, or shimmying from ledge to ledge.

Trine 3 Zoya wall jumps.

Mario 64 has instilled an eternal love of wall jumping in me.

Amadeus the wizard is a slackard who is great at moving around objects via magic. This makes him ideal for moving obstacles around, triggering switches or redistributing weight. Not only can he move objects at will, but he can call into being a large, clockwork looking crate. With either this crate or other objects, Amadeus can smash them to deal with enemies or the environment. While these two tricks are really all that Amadeus has up his sleeve, their applications are near limitless. He is not to be underestimated.

Trine 3 Amadeus magic!

Do you even lift bro?

Trine 3 is certainly shaping up to be a game worth throwing away some hours on. Given that it’s in early access, I’m not going to give it a score. If you’re a fan of the genre or the previous games, definitely keep this on your radar, or even buy into the early access!