Southern-Fried Gameroom ExpoWe Good Ole Gamers just returned from our trip to the 2015 Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo, and would like to bore you to death with our experiences!

If I could describe the expo in one word, it would be: overload. Massive video game overload. My brain was so overloaded with video games that my kidneys asploded into bloody, pixelated taco meat. Luckily there was some helpless people near a secluded alleyway that I was able to harvest a new pair from. Being that I’m not entirely an evil asshole, I left them some pretty sweet tacos to make up for it.

We met some pretty cool folks at the event. We met with the guys of Brawlhalla, and snagged you folks some Steam keys. Then we met with Mark Kaminski of Retro Magazine. Mark was quite an awesome fella, and he really dug our mascot Catfish. If you enjoy our podcast and haven’t checked out Retro Magazine yet, I highly suggest it – it’s a well produced magazine covering all the oldies that we love, and the new wave of retro indie titles of recent years.

Retro Video Game MagazineLast, but far from least, we met with some great gaming icons: Joel West, Walter Day and Billy Mitchell. You may recognize these fine fellas from films such as The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters and Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade. We spoke multiple times with these guys and got some sweet autographs. We spoke with Joel the most, he shared with us some stories from the road and his experiences doing business with Billy Mitchell. Walter Day was a soft-spoken lovable old fella; we didn’t get long with him, but we got some bitchin’ pictures.

Then there was Billy Mitchell. Known as the player of the century and having held multiple world records along his career, his prestige was only matched by his ego. But don’t let that fool you – unlike what may have been conveyed to you in King of Kong, Billy was a fine dapper gent who didn’t mind showing us unwashed peasants some tricks on an old Pac-Man machine. Mr. Mitchell makes some damn fine hot sauce, and I had him sign one of the two bottles that I purchased. The unsigned bottle has since been vanquished by my manly gut.

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We played some god damn decent games while we were there too. By far our favorite was Pac-Man Battle Royale – this magnificent bastard has a large crisp LCD screen, lots of LED lights to pretty the thing up, and 4 podiums with joysticks for the players. Each player controls a Pac-Man, and the goal is to eat Power Pellets (the big dots) which turns you into a giant Pac-Man. Giant Pac-Men can eat not-so-giant Pac-Men. And ghosts. Because they’re there too, fucking your shit up when you’re only keeping your eye on the other players’ Pac-Men. I would sell my soul to the devil for one of these, unfortunately I’ve already sold it for some other services. Fortunately, the kidneys I obtained came with free souls, so I may still have a shot.

Pac-Man Battle Royale DeluxeThere was so much fucking pinball there. I didn’t get a chance to play nearly as many as I wanted; partly because of the sheer amount of them, and partly because of cock-gargling selfish bastards. Yep, even at an awesome place with awesome people, you still got douche nozzles running amuck. The chief example of these was couples and buddies tag-teaming machines – and I’m not talking about your usual two-player pinball game. I mean one person playing a full game, swapping with their friend/wife/wasted semen, and not letting anyone else have a go for upwards of an hour.

If you did this and you’re reading this because you got one of our cards, then fuck you – you are why I hate the universe. If you didn’t do this and you’re reading this because you got one of our cards, then welcome – sorry you had to deal with the shitbags that we did.

Yoda Is WiseBitching aside, there was some sweet fucking pinball. I could write a lot about them, but nobody would give three flying fucks. So, I’m only going to touch on one – the P3 by Multimorphic. This P3 was loaded with Lexy Lightspeed, a colorfully humorous sci-fi pseudo-comic book looking pinball game. Yes, it was loaded with it, as in, you could load more.

The P3 is still somewhat a work in progress, and the only game they had on display was Lexy Lightspeed, but the table features a massive weight sensitive screen that reacts with the ball, potentially allowing for an unlimited variety of pinball games. While the cool factor was through the roof, and the game did have some classic tangible pinball features, it had a big con of not have near as many bumpers flipping your balls around like Ron Jeremy’s sack in a DVDA shoot.

We even ate at the most bitchin’ ass pizza joint in the world, and I highly recommend it if you’re in the Atlanta area. This place is Savage Pizza, and the front of it features a fucking sentinel and all kinds of other badass comic book art. The inside was just as awesome as the outside, with all sorts of painted scenes from various comic books and action figures adorning the walls and ceiling. The pizza was some of the best I’ve had too, Lyle and I rocked the fuck out of some anchovy pizza with Billy Mitchell’s hot sauce. A more manly meal could not be made.


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Ultimately, we had a blast there and hope to be back next year. Stay tuned for more info on the trip and our favorite games in Episode 14: The Scootening!
Lyle whoopin' up some Mario!