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No episode this week. Now an explanation of this cuckoldry!

Hey there listeners, Lyle here. Sadly i have to say due to some completely shitty and unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to record this week. I’m not going to put you through the mill with all my woes and misery, but long story short everything simply put a cuckolding on me this week. I have been having some issues with ill health in my family, vehicle woes (wife’s car dies so I buy a new one) and work was rather unrelenting to me all weekend long. Needless to say, when everything was said and done, I wasn’t able to record Saturday night, which is Brandon’s only night available with his equally hellish schedule. I had the chance to actually record an episode without Brandon, but due to everything I was unprepared and honestly, I didn’t want to hash together an inferior episode to unleash on you. I thought it would be better to take a week off and come back fresh and ready so we can bring you the low class of humor you have come to expect. In other words, sorry guys, life completely won this week.
But, Brandon and I are alive and well (sorry to disappoint some of you) and we will be back to our normal shenanigans this Saturday for the recording of a new episode. Once again, sorry if you missed us this week, do yourself a favor and go back and check out one of our classic episodes. Or send us hate mail because we failed you this week! Thank you for understanding and we hope you can hold out until next week, you will hear from us then!