Episode 25: Gamefest News Minisode

Gamefest TrophiesWe bring you a quick update about Good Ole Gamefest this short minisode! Vault Games is holding a raffle for a handful of free passes to Good Ole Gamefest, go to Vault and sign up! Also, the 80% of the tournament slots for Mortal Kombat X and Smash Bros. Melee are exclusively available to pre-register at Vault Games! Super Smash Bros. Melee grand prize is going to be a $150 Vault Games gift card, and Mortal Kombat X is going to be $100! Make sure you got a shot at it – go pre-register today!


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Brandon (AKA Maphreal) belongs to the dynamic duo of podcasters here at Good Ole Gamers and is a proud member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race.

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