Retro Redux: Vice: Project Doom
80's inspired cheese.

80’s inspired cheese.

Ah, Vice: Project Doom. Never heard of it you say? Welp, that’s why it has landed right here, on my first ever Retro Redux post. As a kid, my chunky little thumbs whittled away many hours on this and it certainly shocked me when no one else I knew had even heard of it. Explaining this game was always a feat as well, being that the game blends so many different types of play mechanics. And if your anything like I was, the box art on the shelf at the rental store helped you on your quest to try out new games. Unfortunately, this game DIDN’T have that going for it. At all. Maybe that one of the reasons that this particular game had been overlooked. I actually adore it, though. It’s great typical action grade cheese. Anywho, lets get into the reasons that this badassery should be in your NES library!

Opening driving level

Opening driving level

Vice: Project Doom is a 1991 NES game developed by Aicom and was published by Sammy. The game is also know as Gun-Dec in Japan. The storyline for this game is actually some dark shit for your standard NES fare. The story, pretty much puts you into the role of a secret agent, Detective Hart. Well aparently aliens have been living on Earth for a while now and devour a substance know only as gel. Humans, being the cornerstones of intelligence that we are, of course find a way to use the “gel” as a means of getting tore up. Wonderful. The gameplay, however, is a different kinda story all together.

This title has one definite thing to offer: variety, variety, variety. This game is definitely one of the more diverse games on the console. You will find that the game opens with driving/vertical shooter style gameplay, reminiscent of games like Spy Hunter and 1942. You play through this stage and an actual boss battle at the end but don’t get to comfortable. Only into level 2, the play style adapts to more of a…


Ninja Gaiden clone. Oh, and that’s not a bad thing. At all. The action quickly turns into a side scrolling slash fest where you chop, shoot and use grenades to fuck up hordes of enemies and a boss at the end of each stage. Also, the player can tap select at any point during the game to toggle between the sword, gun and grenades. This ability comes in handy towards some of the tougher enemies later on and of course for the boss battles. The boss battles in the game can be a challenge to even the most seasoned players. That is however, until you discover the patterns for each stages’ main villain. There is also a Contra style first person shooting sequence that I wasn’t able to really get a good screenshot of. Also, like Ninja Gaiden, there are cut scenes. I thought these were rather impressive when I was a kid and believe it not, they actually still hold up today. But, I highly doubt you will get deep enough to follow the story as the rest of the game plays like a straight, fast paced arcade style game.

The things that I truly enjoy about the game, have to be the controls and gameplay. It handles smooth as silk for the most part, especially in the driving and side scrolling action stages. Being able to move, jump and attack are flawless translations of the input you are throwing at the controller. The first person shooting sequences, however, leave a little bit to be desired. I personally have always found it frighteningly fucking frustrating to move a target cursor with a d-pad. I’m sure I’m not alone in this either. The side scrolling action stages play just like I said earlier, Ninja Gaiden. There is some tight jumping and attacking that you will have to put yourself through to beat the level. The boss fights remind of the ones you would find in Castlevania. While I won’t say they’re not challenging (especially the first play through), they’re not so challenging that they can’t be beat after playing each on and figuring each attack pattern out. Even with this, I still love this game.

The repetition of these said boss levels is one of the only things that truly irritates the hell outta me about this title. Also, like Ninja Gaiden, sometimes while making a jump across platforms, enemies will knock you back to your doom. It’s times like these when you simply want to throw your controller. But hopefully with the controls being as tight as I said earlier, you won’t have this happening a whole lot. The only other nit pick or word of warning I can really give to you is simply don’t expect a long experience. Even with the wide assortment of styles incorporated into this game, it’s still can be played through very quickly by an advanced player. Simply, the more you play through, the faster you will be able to work your away all the across. And once again, I didn’t care for the shooting levels. But, other than these few things, I can honestly say that this is a game that you as a gamer should consider adding to your library. The game is a blast to play, if only for a short while. Also, the game isn’t super rare but not really common either, so you won’t break the bank trying to add this to your NES library.

Good Ole Score: 7 out of 10.

Good Ole Score: 7 out of 10.


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