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“If you’re anything like me, Super Smash Bros. has always been a staple party brawler that you can pick up when you have some friends over and have a blast with, regardless of individual skill levels. However, if you’re primarily a PC gamer, Smash Bros. is rather inaccessible, being a Nintendo console exclusive. Well, now the fine gents over at Blue Mammoth Games have begun development on a solution to your brawler-deficiency woes! Enter Brawlhalla, the fast paced 4-man brawler that’s currently in Early Access on Steam.

Brawlhalla wastes no time with a tutorial – you don’t need a tutorial, you need to smash faces in with cartoon violence, right? But just in case you are new to this genre, there is a training mode where you can familiarize yourself with the game’s basic controls and characters. If you’re more on the advanced side of the spectrum, training mode has a few nifty features like the ability to show hitboxes, so you can learn precisely how your character is going to murder everything.

For those unfamiliar with Smash Bros., the combat has some key differences from your typical fighting game. Characters cannot be knocked out by sheer damage alone; only by sending them flying or falling off the screen can a character be defeated. However, the more damage a character has taken, the more likely grazing them with a wet noodle will send them hurdling into abysses unknown. Brawlhalla also incorporates more platforming elements than your run-of-the-mill fighting game, so even a simple misstep can spell the doom of a character. Luckily, matches typically aren’t determined by a single knock-out, but rather either by scoring the most knock-outs within a timed game or by running your opponent out of “stock”, or lives…”