Kaiju-A-GoGo, the action/strategy kaiju game by Kerberos Productions!

Kaiju-A-GoGo, the action/strategy kaiju game by Kerberos Productions!

Kaiju-A-GoGo is a new action-strategy game where the player controls a kaiju, that is a giant Godzilla-like monster, and unleashes its destruction upon the world. Taking the role of a mad scientist who has built the world’s first human controlled kaiju, you take up the task of conquering the world with your scientific might, as any respectable mad scientist would.

To be honest, I bought Kaiju-A-GoGo on a whim with little research into it expecting something more like Rampage World Tour. I couldn’t have been more wrong, but was pleasantly surprised nonetheless. Kaiju-A-GoGo controls more like a real time strategy game, but instead of micromanaging hordes of dude-mans, you got one big fucking monster and a pissed off city to take down. The longer you point and click your monster through the city’s sore rectum, the lower their morale drops and the more likely they will surrender to you, giving you quite a chunk of income and resources – income and resources that you use to improve your kaiju. However, the longer you take to blow open the city’s asshole, the larger the scale of the military response you will face; so much so that it will often take multiple raids to completely take over a city.

Kaiju-A-GoGo city romp!

Romping through a city is much fun!

In between doling out gigantic beatdowns to various cities across the globe, you can spend time at your secret island base (What badass mad scientist doesn’t have a badass secret island base?) where you can expand your facilities, build defenses, and most importantly, repair and upgrade your kaiju. Your island base starts off with only a couple buildings and a thick, lush forest around it. Very quickly, as cities begin to fall under your might, you will be able to afford to clear out that useless shit forest and build all sorts of buildings that assist you in different ways, such as further upgrading your kaiju or making science. There’s nothing like blowing a big sticky wad of science on kaiju upgrades.

Kaiju-A-GoGo secret island base.

A small but expanding island base.

And boy are there a lot of upgrades for your kaiju. Kaijus have 3 main abilities that a multitude of other abilities branch off of; each one focusing on specific areas such as survivability or buffing your kaiju. These abilities are unlocked via an ability tree that many will be familiar with from various RPGs, and the only thing blocking access to any one ability is resources, prerequisite abilities, and training facilities. Given the sheer breadth of abilities the game has, you’re bound to find a way to customize your kaiju to your likings.

Image credit: thumbthrone.com

There are many ways to customize your monster!

The aesthetics of the game are both pleasing and sub-par in different areas. The kaiju and various island buildings look awesome, but much of the cities that you trash are filled heavily with copy pasta buildings. There are usually a few landmarks in each city that grant various bonus resources when destroyed, but the cities are so similar that one doesn’t really feel different than the other. To top that off, the UI is kind of a mess, with buttons that don’t look like buttons, and ability buttons that don’t make it clear that they are also bound to keys for use. However, the overall game is simple enough that this isn’t a huge problem.

The game seems to have a small amount of bugs as well, as I experienced a few random crashes that cost me quite a bit of progression. While these weren’t frequent, they were devastating. The AI also seemed buggy, as once I had a naval vessel float onto land without a problem, and various land units will zig-zag frantically for no real reason. These aren’t much of a problem luckily.

Overall Kaiju-A-GoGo is a great unique game that any kaiju fan will adore. It has a few bugs and can suffer from a bit of repetitiveness, it is well worth the meager $13 price tag. If you really love the game, Kerberos Productions is planning on releasing more kaiju to entertain your destructive tendencies – of course, as DLC. You can’t go wrong with this city stomping monstrous title!

Good Ole Score: 8 out of 10.

Good Ole Score: 8 out of 10.


  • Great unique city destroying action/strategy gameplay.
  • Many abilities to customize your kaiju.
  • Awesome base building elements to expand your kaiju’s destructive powers.
  • Resource management adds some depth to choosing your targets and island buildings.
  • Great kaiju art.


  • Sub-par, but usable, UI.
  • Repetitive cities with too few unique elements.


  • Random game crashes. (At least for me.)
  • Slightly buggy AI.