Titan Souls - the new retro action adventure by Acid Nerve!

Titan Souls – the new retro action adventure by Acid Nerve!

Titan Souls is a simple but exceedingly difficult game. With very little story, a rather empty overworld, and no character progression, Titan Souls focuses on one thing and one thing only: boss battles. Fortunately, it does this one thing very well. That, and cause rage-induced strokes.

You start the game off with no story, no instructions, and no indicator of what you should be doing, other than follow the only available path to you. The game forces you to learn the 4 main mechanics just to get to the initial battles, those being dodge, run, fire an arrow and retrieve an arrow using what seems to be The Force. The first few bosses that you encounter are rather simple but teach you a quick lesson; be fleet of foot, quickly recognize boss patterns, and don’t be a little bitch. All bosses in the game technically die from one hit, but several require you to remove their defenses with prerequisite shots. However, you also die in a single blow too, so being alert and constantly moving is key.

The first mini boss hub in Titan Souls.

The first mini boss hub in Titan Souls.

Bosses come in a decent variety and range from bullet hell to more classic Zelda-esque bosses. In fact, being a game of only 20 bosses and no trash monsters, a seasoned player could very well do a speed run; the game even keeps track of kills, deaths and time. Those who enjoy speed running could get quite a lot of replay out of this game. Give the relatively small number of fights, the entire world is more or less just a hub to get from boss to boss. This is quite a shame, because the detail of the world makes it seem as if there could be secrets anywhere. The world as a whole is rather beautiful, even considering the rather basic retro graphics that it incorporates. The musical score is also amazing, one of the better ones you are likely to find in a modern game. Titan Souls also sports great sound effects; one of the first (if not the first!) bosses you encounter is a gigantic bouncing ooze containing a heart, and with each bounce a sickening thud really accentuates the viscous and gargantuan nature of this titan.

One of the first bosses of Titan Souls.

One of the first bosses of Titan Souls.

There’s really not much more to say about this game; it sets out to do one thing and does it well. It you like the boss battles of a game like Zelda, you will love this game. If you like having your nutsack repeatedly stomped into a mound of blood, meat and tears, you will love this game. There are very few story elements to it, but being vague and mysterious almost adds some depth to it, being that the imagination is bound to fill in some gaps. Titan Souls boils down to an old school boss battler that will test one’s reflexes and wit to take down the challenges it throws at you, and at a meager retail prices of $14.99, it’s hard to beat the adrenaline rushes and satisfying victories it will give you.

Good Ole Score: 7 out of 10.


  • Fast paced retro boss battling action.
  • Simple controls that are hard to master. Timing and pattern recognition is key to everything.
  • Great responsive controls, though a controller is practically required.
  • Beautiful graphics, music and sound.


  • The world is nothing more than a hub for getting to bosses.
  • Little to no story elements are used in the game.


  • Lots of repetition. Get used to dying repeatedly and running all the way back to the boss to try again.
  • The game is rather short.